What is a Mexican Bola

The Mexican Bola is the original harmony ball that was first worn by pregnant women in Mexico who learned through generations of motherhood that the soothing sound of chimes against the tummy had a calming effect on their babies before and after birth.

The beautiful relaxing sound from the Harmony Ball is produced by tiny chimes inside the pendant. These chimes produce a soothing sound while the expecting mum gets on with her daily life.

This trending pregnancy gift is now a worldwide phenomenon as more and more mothers are experiencing the benefits that the soothing chimes from that this beautiful piece of pregnancy jewellery has on their babies. It is the perfect Baby Shower Maternity Gift idea for a friend or even a Pregnancy Gift to yourself. It’s a beautiful maternity gift that will last forever…

The great thing about a this harmony ball is that not only is it a fashionable item to wear when you’re pregnant but it is also stylish enough to wear around your neck when baby has grown up. It is also a beautiful Baby Shower Maternity Gift to pass from the hands of loved ones, to weave your story and simply to remember.

If you are looking for the perfect baby shower pregnancy gift then consider getting a Mexican Bola Harmony Ball

Mexican Bola - The original harmony ball.